Benefits Of Curd

There are so many benefits of curd which are…….

1. There are some chemical substances in it, due to which it is digested faster than milk.

2. For those who are suffering from stomach problems, such as indigestion, constipation, and gas diseases, the heat of intestines is removed by using yogurt or lassi made of them.

3. Regular consumption of curd is considered to be like the nectar for the body. It eliminates blood loss and weakness. When the milk takes the form of curd. Then its sugars are converted into acids. This helps in digestion. Those who seem to be less hungry. yogurt is very good for them.

4. According to experts, regular intake of curd does not cause intestinal diseases and stomach disorders.

5. Curd has good bacteria which destroys the body,s bad bacteria and keeps you healthy.

6. Applying curd/yogurt on the face makes the skin soft and the skin becomes bright. If you have a facial massage with curd, it works like bleach. To remove the problem of sunburn on the skin in the summer, curd should be shed, it benefits from sunburn and tan. In addition to this, curd should be used to remove the stiffness of the skin. Applying olive oil and lemon juice with curd on the face of the face ends the starkness of the face.

7. The curd is very beneficial for the stomach. Drink celery in the curd and drink it after the drinking of constipation ends.

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