Should we drink Tea or not?

Should we drink Tea or not?

Tea In today’s time tea has become the thing we need for humans, which we need at least 3 times in 1 day

On the internet, you will get two opinions of tea. The first opinion will be the benefits of drinking tea, which will explain the benefits of drinking tea and second opinions is the loss of tea and the bad effects of tea in the body. and we get confused by reading dual opinions, which one is right and which is wrong?

Should we drink Tea or not?

In today’s world, tea has become a necessity for every human being. Everyone’s morning starts with  bed tea., then some people drink tea like water four or five cup a day
Is tea really necessary for us?

should we drink tea or not? let us get complete information about it.

While we drink hot tea our bodies temperature suddenly increases if you are living in “such hot countries where the temperature always above than 40 degree Celsius then the tea is not for you because you are already in really high temperature if you drink tea then your body temperature will increase and it’s not good.

if you are living in such a country where almost winter or Most cold here remains there then the tea is for you because your body needs a  temperature to manage body temperature with cold weather.

If you drink tea empty stomach then you may also  have acidity.

For this reason, tea can be used by drinking those people, which is cold for most of the time and not for those who are already living in the hot region, tea can harm them.

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